Emergency GArden Supplies

COVID-19 might have kept you away from many things but it doesn't need to keep you out of the garden. It is quite the opposite, a lockdown or stay-at-home practice is an opportunity for you to grow food. You may be wondering what to do during this unprecedented time, home gardening is one of the best answers. Gardening sometimes can be tough for many of us due to lack of access to the resources, we understand that. Therefore, we want to help you to get your garden started. If you can't afford to buy all the garden supplies you need, our free garden supplies package will get you a little covered. You will get,

  • Up to 4 grow bags (different sizes)

  • Soil

  • Maximum 4 packets of seeds

  • Three varieties of seedlings (up to 10 seedlings)

  • 10lbs of Worm-castings

List of Seeds and Seedlings 

Eligibility requirements: 

Anyone can apply for the emergency garden supplies package but the priority will be given to the U of R students or anyone who would otherwise not be able to garden.

Note: We will try our best to provide the package to all the applicants; however we do not 100% guarantee in case we run out of supplies.

A huge "thank" to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission for sponsoring this project. To learn about Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, visit here.

Frequently asked questions

When will I get the garden supplies package?

You are expected to receive the garden supplies package by no later than May 30, 2020.

Can I get more supplies than the listed above?

Normally no; however, we will consider your request if you are really in need. Please email us at youshouldgarden@gmail.com

Do I have to pick up the package?

No, we will arrange a delivery for you.